Our HR Philosophy

The Human Resources team at Renfro India is committed to creating and nurturing a professional and collaborative environment, which is dedicated to supporting, developing and advancing of all Renfroites in their personal and professional lives.

We believe that employees are best able to perform their duties with pride and passion, when they understand the needs of their organization and are clear about the policies and systems to be followed.

At Renfro India, we have eight principles that guide the HR philosophy and help build a culture which is conducive for organization and individual growth.

The principles which guide us are:

  • Positive – Confident, Optimistic and focused on desired results
  • Supportive – Encourage individual and organizational success through individual support, skill development, training, and appositive approach to risk taking
  • Develop & Expose – Develop individual capability and organizational depth through challenging assignments, broad exposure and information sharing
  • Open & Openness – Maintain an environment that encourages openness and that is open to change
  • Wellness & Fitness – Promote good health and fitness especially as a result of healthy lifestyles and appropriate balance in priorities
  • Camaraderie & Team Spirit – Value and trust among our employees
  • Respectful – Being courteous, respectful and civil to others
  • Thoughtful & Balanced – Consideration during decision making that is thoughtful, unemotional and inclusive to yield the best results