Trivia About Socks

Feet are one of the sweatiest parts of the body; socks help absorb the sweat and move it to parts of the foot from where it can evaporate easily.

During the 10th century, due to the difficulty of producing socks, they were a luxury item reserved for the rich.
The earliest pair of socks that have survived date back to 300-500 A.D. They were excavated from Oxyrhynchus on the Nile of Egypt. They had split toes which were designed for sandals. They are on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

In 1589, William Lee invented the first machine that knit socks because he felt his wife spent too much time knitting socks by hand.

In Japan, a special kind of sock called Tabi was created so they could wear socks with their special thonged footwear.